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  1. Free Xodo functions are still free

  2. Creating an annotation

  3. Editing and deleting annotations

  4. Filling in forms with Xodo

  5. Xodo Pro: Paid but not accessible

  6. Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows 10)

  7. How to control Text-to-Speech speed

  8. Xodo Pro for Windows

  9. Saving a password protected copy of a file

  10. Xodo Pro features are Platform dependant

  11. Insert an image file of your signature

  12. Creating, editing, and renaming bookmarks

  13. Printing documents

  14. Deleting, Rotating, and Exporting pages within a document

  15. Merging PDFs, Images, and adding blank pages to existing PDFs

  16. Reordering pages within a document

  17. Rotating a document

  18. Changing settings

  19. Selecting light or dark theme for Xodo

  20. Enabling night reading mode and other reading colors

  21. Syncing with cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box)

  22. Enabling copy annotated text to note

  23. Cropping pages

  24. Saving a permanently cropped copy of a file

  25. Annotations made in Xodo are gone when the PDF is opened in another app

  26. Saving a reduced file size copy of a file

  27. Syncing files between Windows and Android

  28. Hiding the command bar

  29. Turn on full screen mode

  30. Opening images with Xodo

  31. What is my Xodo version?

  32. Turn on Logging for Xodo on Windows 10

  33. Sideloading Xodo for Windows 10

  34. How to change default file association for Office files?

  35. Installing Sideloading Xodo on Windows Server 2019

  36. Xodo Pro for Windows - Actions Shortcut

  37. Xodo Pro for Windows - Convert from PDF

  38. Xodo Pro for Windows - Convert to PDF

  39. Xodo Pro for Windows - Compare PDF Side-by-Side

  40. Xodo Pro for Windows - Edit PDF

  41. Xodo Pro for Windows - Extract Text and Images

  42. Xodo Pro for Windows - Merge PDF, Split PDF, Delete pages

  43. Xodo Pro for Windows - Open an Extra Window

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